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If you like to read education magazines, you may have noticed that lately there has been an increasing number of technology and education articles. The fact is that we can no longer neglect the influence that technology has over our life and we shouldn’t oppose it either as it comes with numerous advantage, including the very convenient e-learning platforms. The advantages of this type of learning are: accessibility, flexibility, comfortable, the user can decide alone, the date and time that is involved in activities training.

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E-learning Advantages

• geographical independence, mobility – the ability to access content material
education anywhere and anytime, using personal computer and networking;

• online accessibility – an important feature specific to this type of education through
which means access to education through the Internet in real time from anywhere, anytime, 24
24 hours, 7 days a week, no time dependence;

• concise and selective presentation of educational content;

• individualization of learning – each trained and style has a rhythm of assimilation and is based on a certain type of memory in learning (auditory or visual), attending courses can be done gradually and repeatedly and rapidly controlling progress, with the rapid and continuous feedback, some subjects had the best efficiency in the weekend, others in the early morning;

• different teaching methods – e-learning programs must be based on various teaching methods, to guide the subjects throughout the learning process: the attending educational materials to projects, online assessment to certification program, if applicable, a series of experiments studying the effect they were using various media in learning knowledge led to the conclusion that generally, a diversified educational material is retained up to 80% by listening, viewing and interactivity;

• reduced costs of distribution – educational software and electronic solutions learning are not cheap. However, their costs are lower than those implied by a “classic” learning session because travel costs are eliminated, renting space for classes, accommodating subjects;

• reduced time to study – in some cases, depending on the technical solution adopted, and during category may be moved to reduce costs: the topic will not stop work to follow a vocational course, but will “lose” a few hours daily to learn online or offline, on the computer;

Disadvantages of e-learning

• high rate of dropout of students – this type of distance education requires consistent effort
and supported by all participants in the instructional process.

Students must be highly motivated, otherwise is installed the school abandonment which is more common in distance education than traditional education.

• Requires experience in using computers – students are required some knowledge in the IT field.

• high costs for design and maintenance – these include technology expenditures,
transmission of information in the network, maintaining equipment, production needed materials.

In technology and education articles you often only see the advantages of technology’s influence in the education system. Though the advantages outnumber the disadvantages, it is important to be well informed of all aspects before choosing this type of education. After, all choosing the wrong educational path could severely affect your future.

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