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December - 16 - 2011

Blogs are like online journals but using all the advantages of web interactivity. Content is made of posts or pages that may contain text or multimedia documents that can be answered. The order in which we can view can be calendar or we can be combined with keywords or categories.

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The structure of a blog, students can demonstrate critical thinking, they can take risks, creative solutions can use sophisticated language and design elements. In this way, students can acquire creative and critical skills of communication and collaboration skills that can be useful in both contexts, academic and professional.

Blogs are very popular in education, and to prove this we have the example of the 400thousand educational blogs are on the website: http://edublogs.com. Teachers use this kind of communication that support school subject. Being connected to each other they support the construction of a community, such as University of Calgary uses blogs to create so-called “Learning Communities”.

Maintaining a blog gives a potential student audience free or open to anyone who can answer, this motivating the student. To wikis that are designed to be replicated throughout the users, which are suitable for projects blogs are designed like some journals and are suitable for discussion being in this regard very close to the forums.

WordPress, for those who have not yet used this platform is a web tool for blogs. In the opinion of many is the best blogging platform that can be found on the market today. In addition to this platform is free and comes with many themes and plug-ins, also free.

The main use of WordPress platform is the blog. Most people who install WordPress, are using a blog platform for maintenance and technical personnel as needed by everyone. However, using Plug-ins, WordPress platform can be easily used for creating presentation sites or online courses.

Whatever you want to do using WordPress, you need a hosting account. The requirements are minimal, such as a hosting package for 1 Euro per month is enough to start a blog. To install WordPress we need the following:

– few MB hosting space;
– FTP access to the hosting account;
– a database;
– a domain or a sub domain;
– The latest version of WordPress.

Now that you have decided to start a blog where you can share all your knowledge, you also found out how to create this blog using WordPress.

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