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How to Create an e-Course

November - 18 - 2011

Online courses nowadays have a large popularity among people because the advantages are plenty and very important. Time means money, and with online courses you can save a lot of it.

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What are e-Courses?

e-Courses are low-tech courses, not like online courses where you can even participate at video conferences, most of the learning process is done by email.

How that works?

Well, as a student you find a course that seem interesting, you contact the teacher and he supplies you the needed information to learn about that. The teacher sends you emails with the lessons and you will send him questions or even exercises or homework that you have received.

As a teacher you will have to answer the questions, but also to create the courses in a way that are easy to understand, you have to be careful with the amount of information that you put into a course, you do not want to confuse the student. Also a very important thing to keep in mind is the fact that courses need to have something special, maybe some pictures that are very expressive or the text is written in a way that does not bore the student.

How to create an e-Course?
The first step is to put together all the information you want to share. After that you should divide it into pieces, maybe even dividing it into chapters.

Next you have to start thinking about how to make more attractive the courses. You do not want the student to give up after a few courses. You have to somehow gain his interest; otherwise you may not have success with this business. One of the most important thing about e-Courses is that you do not have to be a teacher to share the courses with the students. Even you do not have to be a great explained because the meetings are not face to face, the student is not forced to take your class, and he has an interest so is easier to work with him.

After you have finished the courses, you have to try to promote the business. You can put announces online, or in newspapers, you can even try to contact plants or enterprises that might use this type of program. If at first you do not have success you do not have to give up. Think about improving the marketing strategies, because what you have to teach can be very important for some people.

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