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How to Create an e-Book

December - 23 - 2011

An e-Book is a digital electronic file containing text and images in a book, meanwhile evenvideos, usually all protected against misuse by a digital rights management (DRM). Electronic books are virtual books. They can read multiple types of display devices (LCD) generally portable personal computers, tablets, smart phones, or devices and specially designed for the reader how many, called e-reader or e-book reader.

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Also, many mobile phones can be used for reading electronic books. The transmission medium is the Internet to download data, possibly combined with a GSM mobile phone, everything is offered as a Web service fee.

Depending on the model e-reader devices can compare the weight with a real book, so can be taken with you everywhere, but are made to accommodate (store) large amounts of information simultaneously, even hundreds of novels. Many e-reader devices can be used to display not only books, but for newspapers, magazines, even websites and so generally to all written materials. In recent years, battery technology has progressed a lot, so that is operated for hours on a single charge.

Of great importance to an e-book reader has used technology for the screen, which should ensure greater ease in reading (ergonomics), comparable to that of a real book, in various lighting situations.

E-books are digital books published in the online environment, which contains information of interest to a particular set of consumers. This is the first and most important condition that an e-book must fulfill in order to hold a satisfactory level of sales.

Then an e-book should be written by a talented person with a good flow of speech and that has important knowledge in the field or the subject under discussion. An e-book will enjoy the famous and prepared large orders when a person has a certain level of expertise in specific areas, accreditation to submit the endorsed person to provide guidance and relevant information, accurate and current.

Another prerequisite is to promote the benefit of e-books. Many unbeatable quality digital books remain undiscovered because they do not just enjoy a good online promotion. Design a special website dedicated to selling this e-book and adapted it according to the rules of SEO to attract advantageous visitors to view the preview of the e-book.

Another tip that can be very useful for your e-Book is to put all the information into a HTML page in order to be easier to read.

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