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December - 9 - 2011

Nowadays technology has gone so far that almost everything can be done using Internet. We can buy food, clothes, we can pay our bills, we can make reservations and so on. Another innovative thing that we can do using Internet is to learn. How is that possible? Well eLearning websites offers you that possibility.

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People are using more and more this type of websites because it is easier, you can do it from home and cost less than usual courses.

If you are interested in starting a small business you should think about this possibility. Why? Not only because a development program in e-learning is friendlier with the training budget, but that carefully selected and implemented consistently, e-learning programs have proven results at the level of performance.

However simple it may seem, the e-learning is much more than a PowerPoint presentation or a document placed on the Intranet with new working procedures on mail sent to all employees. This is why we propose to invest more time in discovering in this area by accessing the free resources and how much learning can be flexible with your time: pod casts.

Let’s see in what consists this type of program:
– Learning is done in a virtual classroom;
– Educational material is available on the Internet;
– virtual classroom benefits from the orientation of an instructor (facilitator, moderator) to plan the work group participants, subject to debate these issues in conference rate-asynchronous (discussion forums) or synchronous, provide auxiliary resources, comment on topics, each indicating where to more insist;

– Learning is a social process, through interaction and collaboration, the group of participants and the instructor, formed during the course, often and after a virtual community – have important role and so-called social conferences;

– Course material has a static component – the facilitator prepared with a team specialized in instructional design – and a dynamic, resulting from the interaction of participants, the suggestions, clarifications, comments, resources brought by them;

– Most eLearning environments to monitor the activity of participants, and some simulations and, working in subgroups, audio, video interacting.

Advantages of eLearning include:
– Focusing on the student ,participant
– Real-time access to knowledge, from anywhere, anytime
– No travel expenses or activity interruption of current professional

If we mad you curious about this idea of business, well you should not gave up on it, you should start thinking about a subject, what people need to learn, and how to create the lessons to be easy to understand.

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