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eLearning and Employees Development

September - 18 - 2012

Any three people from a different company would answer the question “What is employee development?”. For example, a subordinate would focus on hierarchical mobility – What can I do to advance?, A manager would be able to talk about motivation, productivity and engagement – What can I do to keep the best employees?” and an Executive Director would refer to retaining and developing top talent for the future of the company – What to do to ensure that we have people with the best skills in the right places?. Whatever the definition, it is clear that employee development is a process of growth and, like any process, it must be constantly reviewed to identify realize every opportunity to develop employees.

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Managers know that employees are different, even if they have the same job description, but not all are aware of how important their differentiation in terms of performance and potential.

The benefits of such a tie are:
– Proper fulfillment of expectations for performance – what is realistic for an employee, may not be for another, even if they have the same position.

– Creation of appropriate development plans – some employees might have needed broadening the objectives, to increase their responsibilities, others may need to treat targets gaps in performance.

– Helping employees with career plan – a program that addresses development needs, will maximize chances of success at work.

– Creating success base for the company – a company that knows its top employees will know how to focus retention efforts.

There are several ways which you can help your employees to develop. And that is by offering free specialized courses. You can choose to offer them eLearning classes because they are cheaper and also very efficient. In order to motivate your employees to study and strive to better themselves, you can use famous education quotes that inspire and put things into perspective. Just like other offices use motivational posters to keep people focused on what is important, so can you apply posters with education quotes, or create an e-mail newsletter for the employees where you send said quotes. It may not seem like much at first glance, but words do penetrate our minds even if at first we don’t realize it, so why shouldn’t we surround ourselves with a good and positive attitude?

Most studies will provide the first plan that eLearning helps greatly to reduce training costs. However, the positive impact of eLearning will have on your organization can be so great that the cost savings to go into the background. If you’re wondering how do you calculate square footage in an irregular area and need your employees to master this task as well, eLearning and online courses can offer a lot of help. As a manager, it is much more efficient for you to keep and train your employees, rather than always looking for new ones and feeling disappointed with their lack of knowledge.

In fact, to drastically reduce costs, the solution must be quite complex and contain many components, among which the most important are: a Learning Management System (LMS) to help you manage the training package rich in electronic courses covering most of the courses are now classical system (probably adapted to your needs), the possibility of making your own courses and the possibility of organizing web seminars so employees have access to experts.

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