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All students have the right to keep their lives private, regardless of age. However, nowadays, public spaces are invaded with security cameras. If you take a look at some cameras, you will see that they are very versatile and can be mounted practically anywhere: in front of businesses, in parking lots and even in schools. In public places, a security camera is seen as an invasion of privacy, but is it really so? Even though the use of cameras in schools is debated by both students and teachers, in order to prevent violence it’s necessary to install such a security system. If you are trying to find more information regarding this important matter, read the following article.
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A message to the students

Installing a security camera in the classroom can have some consequences. It’s important to think about the kind of message we’re going to send to our students if you choose to invade their privacy like this. Putting a surveillance camera in the classroom can limit free expression. In addition, it also comes with clear implication for teaching because both children and adults will feel constrained to act in a certain way. Cameras should be generally used in classrooms only when the teacher and students are given notification that the surveillance camera will be in use. Security cameras are generally accepted in cafeterias, supply rooms and gymnasium and most students have no problem with that.

It allows teachers to be in complete control

This method is considered to be invasive because it isn’t morally right to survey small children who are not able to commit a crime, legally speaking. Most important, it allows teachers to go through electronic devices and delete material of their choice. It’s important to improve discipline but at the same time, it’s also necessary to let teachers know that they can use their powers only in an appropriate way, such as dealing with bad behavior, removing disruptive pupils from class and so on.

Audio recording is highly intrusive

Compared to video recording, audio recording is said to be the most the most intrusive method for increasing the level of security in a public institution. What makes it so invasive is the fact that school authorities can monitor and record the conversations that take place between students. Most students are not even aware of this procedure.

It affects student morale

A surveillance system can severely affect student morale because there’s a high risk of undermining the social ecology of the school. Students will feel like they are living in a climate of fear, they will think that teachers don’t trust them anymore. For most students, it will feel like the most logical explanation for why school authorities want to spy on their lives. As a result, students will be less involved in the learning process.

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