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Advantages of eLearning

November - 8 - 2011

ELearning market follows the trend of training, being a component of it. Supply and demand for this type of product increases learning, being a direct connection with the evolution of the learning needs of employees and organizations. eLearning sessions is often preferred “classical” training, due to its ability to easily mold the employee and the organization’s profile, but also because of its accessibility, managing to overcome the spatial and temporal “obstacles”.

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Often, there is the temptation to assimilate the electronic learning learning products online in real time. This definition is restrictive and does not yet realize the multitude of technical solutions developed in the last 10 years. eLearning alternative includes a wide range of electronic learning:  multimedia CDs, online courses (web-based), Conference (video), instant messaging, pod casting, blogs, simulations and computer adaptive testing. Usually, an eLearning solution combines two or more variables, depending on the profile and customer requirements.

Appellants of assisted learning process electronic media claim that the classical method(individually or in the classroom) is more effective and that eLearning could even be a disadvantage, because it tends to eliminate “human” factors of learning (interaction with the instructor) , a variable key in the process of assimilation of information. However, there are clear advantages of eLearning, able to respond to the objections above. Here are some of them.

I). “Packaging” attractive. Lack of skills trainer to capture the audience can be successfully substituted for “packaging” of attractive e-learning solutions. When combined inspired, sound, and motion picture can capture the attention of the learner, providing intuitive and easy presenting their data assimilation. Sometimes the “packaging” is presented and interpreted very attractive trainer, thereby increasing efficiency message.

II). Low cost. Educational software and electronic learning solutions are not cheap. However, their costs are lower than those involved in a “classic” learning session because with trainers are eliminated costs, rental of premises for training, travel, accommodation and catering students. In some cases, depending on the technical solution adopted and time may be moved to category cost savings: no employee will be absent several days from work to attend a course, but will “lose” a few hours daily to learn online or offline, on the computer.

III). Mobility. eLearning content allows you to access educational material from anywhere, using personal computer. For example, employees in different locations at great distances from each other, do not have to be physically present in the conference room to hear an expert in their field. You can watch live, online, or download the audio-video file that he can open it later.

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