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Over the last 10 years, we have heard countless news about various schools from different states that were dealing high levels of water contaminants. The question on everyone’s mind is: does this problem persist or has it been solved? More importantly, if it persists, how much of a health threat is it for our children?

In order to increase the level of security and safety in the school, it’s vital to take some additional measures, such as installing a surveillance system. However, installing such a devices comes with some consequences. Learn more about these consequences in this article.

The thesis writing is a document written by master degree and research scholars based on their research work.  In research work, submitting top quality thesis writing is very important. Initially, student needs to have strong knowledge about thesis writing and its structure. In thesis writing, you need to gather supportive content based on the research […]

To begin to define the concept of e-learning e-learning is learning by interacting with a computer, this interaction can take place both to the educational institution and from any computer with internet access. Course materials are such by the student via the Internet or intranet through a portal that can connect logging in with username […]

eLearning means accessed courses or study programs online in these courses, students rarely participate in face-to-face lessons. e-Learning makes necessary the combination and convergence of the most advanced communication technologies and digital information, such as: – Live Shows – Mobile video and audio telecommunications – 3D graphics – email – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) […]

Any three people from a different company would answer the question “What is employee development?”. For example, a subordinate would focus on hierarchical mobility – What can I do to advance?, A manager would be able to talk about motivation, productivity and engagement – What can I do to keep the best employees?” and an […]

Flash cards

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Have you ever wondered how could you study easier throughout the exams period? Are you looking for a modality of gaining more time for yourself? If yes, then the lines below will help you get the outcome expected! Nowadays, we can clearly see that generations are in a continuous changing. Either way we keep up […]

If you are dreaming about a rewarding and respected career, there are many criminal justice programs which can transform your dream into a wonderful reality. Besides, if you consider a degree in this field, you should know that there are many directions that you could pursue with your degree. Taking into consideration that there is […]

An e-Book is a digital electronic file containing text and images in a book, meanwhile evenvideos, usually all protected against misuse by a digital rights management (DRM). Electronic books are virtual books. They can read multiple types of display devices (LCD) generally portable personal computers, tablets, smart phones, or devices and specially designed for the […]

Blogs are like online journals but using all the advantages of web interactivity. Content is made of posts or pages that may contain text or multimedia documents that can be answered. The order in which we can view can be calendar or we can be combined with keywords or categories. The structure of a blog, […]

eLearning Website

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Nowadays technology has gone so far that almost everything can be done using Internet. We can buy food, clothes, we can pay our bills, we can make reservations and so on. Another innovative thing that we can do using Internet is to learn. How is that possible? Well eLearning websites offers you that possibility. People […]

If you like to read education magazines, you may have noticed that lately there has been an increasing number of technology and education articles. The fact is that we can no longer neglect the influence that technology has over our life and we shouldn’t oppose it either as it comes with numerous advantage, including the […]

Online courses nowadays have a large popularity among people because the advantages are plenty and very important. Time means money, and with online courses you can save a lot of it. What are e-Courses? e-Courses are low-tech courses, not like online courses where you can even participate at video conferences, most of the learning process […]

Barriers in eLearning

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Distance education offers many benefits to institutions wishing to provide effective education and training programs. However, program implementation is often hampered by a variety of barriers: negative attitudes, technological constraints, inflexible institutional procedures and policies restrictive local or national. Those responsible for education policies and educators / trainers should be aware of these potential barriers […]

ELearning market follows the trend of training, being a component of it. Supply and demand for this type of product increases learning, being a direct connection with the evolution of the learning needs of employees and organizations.